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Graduate Programs (Professional)

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Public Administration

Maxwell's #1-ranked MPA is a one-year flexible program that prepares public-service minded professionals for leadership roles in the public, private and non-profit sectors. Graduates re-enter the workforce quickly and expertly prepared, and supported by a global alumni network spanning 150 countries. Students looking for additional professional experience can pursue an 18-month option that includes an internship. Executive options reward midcareer professionals for their experience (7+ years) through even more efficient, reduced-credit options.


Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Executive Master of Public Administration (on campus)

ExecutiveMPA@Syracuse (Executive Master of Public Administration Online)


Data Analytics for Public Policy

Environmental Policy and Administration

International and Development Administration

National and International Security Policy

Public and Nonprofit Management

Public Sector Innovation and Management

Social Policy

State and Local Government Financial Analysis and Management

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The MPA program is one of the best because it is a one-year program. One year of rigorous teaching that hones in on your skills that lets you build relationships and leave stronger than you were when you entered the program.

The master's in public administration degree is about as broadly applicable as any professional graduate program I've ever seen. Any number of different professional callings in the public sector, in the private sector, in the non profit sector. In any number of different fields, Maxwell will prepare you for those opportunities.

Our MPA program is the first established in the nation. As a faculty member in the master's of public administration program for the last 15 years, one of the things I'm really excited about is not only how great my faculty colleagues are, but how the students are part of a cohort. They come in together. You get to know them as students. You get to know them as individuals, as colleagues. And yet, they have a strong and tight bond with one another. It's a real benefit for everyone involved.

The Maxwell School alumni Network is vast and full of alumni that are ready and willing to speak to students about their career aspirations and their experiences at Maxwell. Why? Because we've all gone there. And we're all excited about life and work in public administration, in the public sector.