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Student Life at Maxwell

At Syracuse University, you'll find a welcoming and supportive community, where diversity and inclusion are core values and student success is the priority. Explore the many ways you can find your path and get involved:

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Maxwell is sending out graduates into the world that have a passion to make something better than what it previously was. And we've remained consistent and devoted to that mission for all these years.

Students of the Maxwell School come from all walks of life. I've had people of all ages in my classroom. And I got to learn from them throughout my journey at Maxwell.

The diverse communities that exist here are so incredibly strong and empowering. And I definitely think the school brings together people from different backgrounds. There's always this constant level of like student events that anyone can go to, which is pretty cool.

The broader camaraderie in Syracuse, it's for me, at least, unparalleled. I've never seen or heard of anything like it. The thing that comes to mind is a football game, the feeling of being in the dome surrounded by tens of thousands of other people is incredible. I think it also goes back to the alumni connection, being able to connect one on one with people who understand what Syracuse winters are like or what this dining hall is like or things like that, that build that camaraderie and build that connection to the school.

I think Syracuse is a really fantastic city to go to college in. I'm a big foodie, so we go to a lot of restaurants on the weekends. There's four seasons. You get to experience the nice summer lakes. And then in the winter, there's fun sledding down Kraft Heinz Hill. It's a really great place year round.