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Undergraduate Experience

Explore your interests, hone your skills and find your path through majors and minors across the social sciences and interdisciplinary programs with a policy focus. Together with the College of Arts and Sciences (A&S), the Maxwell School develops tomorrow's leaders and problem solvers through an immersive liberal arts education in the context of a nationally top-rated research university. Receive expert guidance from dedicated advising staff as well as faculty and staff mentors within the departments, and choose from more than 100 study abroad programs spanning 60 countries. 


Social Science





Political Science



Citizenship and Civic Engagement

Environment, Sustainability and Policy

International Relations

Policy Studies


Office of Undergraduate Academic and Career Advising

Explore complementary dual degrees and double majors within Maxwell, A&S, and across Syracuse University's professional schools in communications, business, data science, engineering, education, public health and more.


Undergraduates at the Maxwell School are in a really unique setting where they're able to draw on all the different disciplines in the social sciences. So some of our signature courses bring together faculty from geography, from economics, from history, from political science. So even in one classroom, students are able to see how those different perspectives connect and interact. And that helps them as they go forward into their major.

From experience in the Maxwell School, faculty and students connect on that very individual one-on-one basis. If you have a passion about something, you'll be able to find somebody who is able to have meaningful discussions with you about it.

I think getting undergrads, in particular, involved in research from the beginning immediately starts to show them how what they're learning in the classroom has real-world relevance. And so that focus on relevance is the strongest thing that a student is going to pick up from a Maxwell education.

Syracuse undergraduates really have a range of opportunities to get out in the world and learn from their experience. Students can go halfway around the world, be at one of our study abroad centers, and find an internship opportunity there, whether it's with the European Union in Strasbourg, or whether it's with an NGO in Santiago, Chile, for example.

During my time here at Syracuse, one of the things that I really focused on is becoming involved in the Syracuse community. And so I think it's really incredible that we're able to give back to the community in multiple different ways.

Straighten Your Crown is a mentoring group that started with a few girls on campus who really wanted to make a difference in the Syracuse city. They noticed that girls needed more mentoring academically, socially, emotionally.

The high school dropout rate is very high in Syracuse, so when we go into the schools, we do several different programs. And these programs include working on self-esteem, public speaking, career goals.

We want to show that our students care and that we groom the best of the best students regarding community service and academics.