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Graduate Programs (Social Science)

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PhD Programs

The Maxwell School's highly selective graduate programs in the social sciences and PhD program in Public Administration prepare students for scholarly careers as academics and as researchers with a public affairs focus. PhD students gain active experience teaching, conducting research and publishing their findings. Within Maxwell's 10 interdisciplinary research centers and institutes, students work alongside students and faculty from other programs, which brings fresh perspective to their research.






Political Science

Public Administration

Social Science


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Being in Maxwell, it is part of the larger Syracuse University. We have more than enough resources for students to receive grants and scholarships, but also to collaborate with faculty, whether you are interested in quantitative studies, qualitative studies, or doing a mixed method approach.

I really think it's a blessing for graduate students to be able to be exposed to such a diverse set of research methodologies, both quantitative and qualitative. And we have superb faculty teaching both sets of courses.

One thing that Maxwell PhD students find out once they arrive is not only do they have the resources committed to them from their department, but all of the different centers and institutes at Maxwell are places where one can get funds to do research, get funds to do travel.

Having that additional funding is really fantastic. I think it's rare to have a department have money and support for graduate students to attend conferences, especially the large national conferences which look great on the CV, which tend to be a little more expensive.

But beyond financial support, I would say, intellectual support and even emotional support has been really great.

The Maxwell School is organized into 10 research institutes that are interdisciplinary in nature. Students from different departments and faculty from different departments sit in each of these institutes. And it creates a nice interdisciplinary environment that gives the individual students new perspectives on their research.

Being in an interdisciplinary research institute like the Aging Studies Institute at Syracuse, I've been able to interact with faculty from Econ and from Public Administration, faculty members I probably wouldn't see otherwise. Some of them have even agreed to be on my dissertation committee.

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