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Graduate Programs (Professional)

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Academic and Career Advising

Syracuse University faculty and staff help prepare and guide you throughout your Maxwell education and professional career.

Office of Undergraduate Academic and Career Advising

Palmer Career Center (Graduate)

Executive Education

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We have a school-wide advising system that kind of gives you the broader strokes about the core. But then there's also this second part of it, where you get advising from your major. And so connecting with the faculty members and the advisors one on one, they were very, very available and very, very excited about helping me and my peers move on into careers and beyond.

We spend an awful lot of time helping students to work on their resumes, their cover letters, to think about what networks are best to plug into, to help them figure out more about themselves and what they're good at doing, and help to make the connections that they need for success.

The Maxwell network has significant depth. So Maxwell is always bringing different alumni and different practitioners to come into the school and speak to students. Those are opportunities that students can go meet these individuals and kind of gain insight on what their careers are like, and if that career path is something that they would be interested in.

Next we'll offer several options for students to pursue their master's degree. Our undergraduate program offers a four-plus-one program. So for students who are really well versed in international relations and other subject areas at the University, they are able to join the master's program directly after they graduate. Every stage of a student's journey at the University, we can talk to each student about our certificate programs, our graduate programs, and find the right path for them.

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