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Graduate Programs (Professional)

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Washington, D.C., Campus

Test your skills, build your resume and expand your network through internships and coursework offered by the Maxwell-in-Washington program, conveniently located at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a top-ranked think tank in the heart of D.C. on Embassy Row.

Graduate Opportunities: Pursue a range of flexible options for international and public affairs professionals to take courses with acclaimed Maxwell faculty and seasoned practitioners -- in the evening while you work or conduct an internship -- as well as one-week and two-week intensive courses.

Executive Master of International Relations in D.C.

MAIR/MSPR (Capstone semester)

Global Security & Development Program

Summer Practicum

January Intersession

May Intersession

Undergraduate Semester in D.C.: A gateway to careers in public service, public affairs, with NGOs, media and business, the Washington Semester is a 15-credit program that can apply to many majors on campus or as electives.

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I think what's great about Washington is that it really does serve as a laboratory for all of the various career paths that our students at Maxwell will want to pursue. And their ability to come down here, both at the undergraduate level, the professional master's level, and the mid career executive level, helps them to launch into their careers that they're looking to go into, thereafter.

The Maxwell program has a partnership with the Center for Strategic and International Studies and that's where we conduct all the courses and all the research efforts that are going on. And that's right there in midtown Washington. So you're right in the center of it.

The Maxwell in D.C. program is a semester-long program, where you complete an internship and also take classes here at CSIS. We go to different places around the city. We connect with different experts around the city, in addition to completing that intensive work in the internship.

At the graduate level, we see a lot of international relations students that join us. So they spend their first year of their studies on campus completing their academic coursework. And then they're able to spend the other half of their program, if they want, here in Washington or in our various locations around the world.

The network of Maxwell and the network of CSIS and the network of students who you are going to interact with. I'm building relationships with these individuals that I'm hopeful will turn into really long-lasting friendships.

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