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Graduate Programs (Professional)

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International Affairs

Study on campus in Syracuse, at our Washington, D.C.-based headquarters at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, or at 9 partner locations around the world and earn an IR degree from the #1-ranked school for public affairs in the country. Our graduates get great jobs (100% placement rate in 2018), and enter a global network of professionals spanning 150 countries who are dedicated to helping each other and to serving the public good. Complete in just 18 months inclusive of a global internship -- often two!


Master of Arts in International Relations

Executive Master of International Relations (in Syracuse)

Executive Master of International Relations in Washington, D.C.


Development and Humanitarian Assistance

Governance, Diplomacy and International Organizations

International Political Economy

Peace, Security and Conflict

Regional Concentration

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I think that the MAIR program at Maxwell really has that diverse group of people. There's international students from Asia, from Latin America, from Europe. There is also a wide array of people with no career experience, like me, entering and people with 10 years of experience.

You're able to obtain a master's degree and spend 16 months back to back. But within that, you get this very well rounded education. You spend two semesters in Syracuse as an MAIR student. Then you are required to do an international internship. And then you have an option of doing a second internship.

The internship possibilities here are amazing. I mean, we have students both do issues domestic, but then also in the international stage. We have approximately five regional centers. And they cover all parts of the globe. It's a wonderful opportunity for students to dialogue with practitioners, to be able to sort of draw on these areas of expertise, for students who are interested in a particular part of the world.

I went to Geneva to do my internship at the World Health Organization. And it was a life changing experience. Given that Geneva is a hub of international organizations, it's an ideal place for international students. Following the Geneva program, I was delighted to hear that I could do a second internship.

Since Syracuse has such a strong presence in D.C., I was able to move to D.C., do another internship, take a class here, and look for a job, and make professional connections that I needed to get to where I am today.

I got exposed to what it means to practice international relations, to practice foreign policy. I got exposed to terrific professors who've done this in their careers. I got exposed to practitioners, especially who are inspirations to me in terms of what I wanted to be in my career. Then of course, the network was essential as well. I had the opportunity to meet people that I knew when I finished that experience that I wanted to be like. And so that's been the guidepost for my career.

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