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Citizenship Is in Our DNA

At the #1-ranked school in the country for public affairs, you'll find a diverse mix of interests, backgrounds, career aspirations and social science disciplines, working together to address pressing policy issues. A welcoming and supportive alumni network, 30,000 strong and spanning 150 countries, awaits you!


Anthropology (BA, MA, PhD)

Citizenship and Civic Engagement (BA)

Economics (BA, BS, MA, PhD)

Environment, Sustainability and Policy (BA, BS)

Geography (BA, MA, PhD)

History (BA, MA, PhD)

International Relations (BA)

Policy Studies (BA)

Political Science (BA, MA, PhD)

Public Administration and International Affairs (MPA, MAIR, Executive Degrees, PhD in Public Administration)

Sociology (BA, MA, PhD)

Social Science (PhD)

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One of the things that makes the Maxwell School so special is we're the first school of citizenship and public affairs in the United States. As a major policy school and school of social sciences, in our DNA is the word citizenship. And it's really focused on how do we leave what we find better than the way we found it.

As a freshman we are all introduced to the Athenian Oath. And a lot of the freshman classes that we take are really centered on public service and what does it mean to be a civically engaged citizen.

You have sort of the opportunities to engage with faculty who are very much driven by their research agendas, but within a small classroom forum. So even though students are here in a large institution, they nevertheless get the feel of a small school within the Maxwell community, because of the way in which we're designed and we're able to interact with faculty much more closely one on one.

The Maxwell School is organized into 10 research institutes that are interdisciplinary in nature and gives the students an opportunity to see different perspectives in terms of research and in terms of the way that people view the world.

One of the things that really excites me from students' perspective about our faculty is that about a third of our faculty, their research is international. Another third of our faculty are doing research exclusively focused on the United States. And another third do work that's both domestically oriented and internationally focused. So students have the benefit of working with faculty and taking classes with them who are focused on every region of the world.

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